Google unveils TRIPS to make life easier for the modern day tourists

Alphabet’s Google unveiled a latest app named as Trips that basically functions as a trip planner and travel guide for any person who is travelling to a new place. The new free app, which is available on both Android and iOS, will be able to organize the plane tickets and hotel reservations, offer editorial guides to above 200 cities, and make recommendations based on the Google history of person. And on top of everything, it can work offline. Everything thing can in fact be downloaded everything to your phone before you leave, including maps and walking directions, keeping away from having to use costly international data plan.

Google is hoping this app will become the default way for travelers to organize trip information ahead of their travels and get around town once they have arrived. “We’re doing a great job on the planning stages, but we really need to help consumers when they’re actually at their destination,” Holden said.

The app will rival offerings like TripIt, the travel-planning app from business-expense company Concur. However Trips is much less geared toward business travel than TripIt, which offers a $49-a-year premium service that tracks your reward points and alerts you when a better seat becomes available on your flight. What Trips lacks in pro-travel features, it makes up for with useful city guides that leverage a wide range of Google services.

Google’s Trips requires users to log in with their Google account. Once they’ve signed in, Google will show them a list of their upcoming and previously completed trips. By tapping into a future trip and users will be able to find a colorful grid of options to explore.

This latest App is the result of more than two years of work on refining Google’s travel products, said Richard Holden, a vice president of product management at the company. Recently Google announced Destinations, a travel-planning feature inside mobile search, and revamped its hotel and flight search features.

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