Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is set to take over virtual reality startup Voke

Information technology giant Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has reportedly glanced into the sporting industry by initiation Intel Sports. And now it is readying to take over the virtual reality startup Voke, to primarily improve a lot of new facilities and features to its new business.

The terms and conditions of the deal were yet to be announced however it comprises Voke’s technology and platforms, employees and clientele.

Voke is based in Santa Clara, California. The company was originated back in 2004. Voke’s virtual reality lets its users to have a true gaming experience without having to leave their couches.

Intel said in a statement that “Sports are being revolutionized by data. It has provided the ability to capture, connect, analyze and interact with sports. We call this the digitization of sports. At Intel, we’re building a broad portfolio of best-in-class solutions to deliver new, immersive sports experiences for athletes, fans and content producers”.

“We’ve had a blast this year, giving fans and broadcasters a new data – driven perspective on sports, at events like the X-Games in Aspen and the NBA All-Star Weekend. More recently, we formalized our efforts and created a new business unit, Intel Sports, which includes the talented freed technology team who joined Intel with our Replay acquisition. We’re making great progress bringing innovative technology and amazing experiences to the world of sports, but there’s more to come”, the statement added.

VR is vital to generate an accurate and involving gaming experience. It can utilize computing power to harvest a dynamic and natural looking atmosphere. This type of capability may sound imaginary, but due to the latest VR technology, it is very much possible to create it.

“To accelerate our efforts, we’re proud to announce that Intel is acquiring Voke, a leader in bringing live, virtual reality experiences to audiences”, Intel’s spokesperson said.

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