Just the Facts on Twitter, Inc. (TWTR)

Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) is an interesting player in the Technology space, with a focus on Internet Information Providers. The stock has been active on the tape, currently trading at $16.76, down from yesterday’s close by -1.24%. Given the stock’s recent action, it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at the company’s recent data.

Fundamental Analysis

This company has been competing with others in the Technology space and offers its own combination of interesting factors Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) currently trades with a market capitalization of $12.14 Billion. That value represents a market adjusting for revenues that have been falling by -7.78 % on a quarterly year/year basis as of the company’s last quarterly report.

The balance sheet health of any company plays a key role in its ability to meet its obligations and maintain the faith of its investment base. For TWTR, the company currently has $1.19 Billion of cash on the books, which is offset by $80.25 Million current liabilities. You can get a sense of how sustainable that is by a levered free cash flow of $604.36 Million over the past twelve months. Generally speaking, earnings are expected to grow in coming quarters. Analysts are forecasting earnings of $-0.12 on a per share basis this quarter. Perhaps, that suggests something about why 27.22% of the outstanding share supply is held by institutional investors.

Technical Analysis

No analysis is ever complete without a thorough survey of a stock’s technical behavior. Looking at the stock’s movement on the chart, Twitter, Inc. recorded a 52-week high of $25.25. It is now trading 8.49% off that level. The stock is trading $16.93 its 50-day moving average by 0.17%. The stock carved out a 52-week low down at $14.12.

In recent action, Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) has made a move of -14.01% over the past month, which has come on weak relative transaction volume. Over the trailing year, the stock is underperforming the S&P 500 by 8.7, and it’s gotten there by action that has been more volatile on a day-to-day basis than most other stocks on the exchange. In terms of the mechanics underlying that movement, traders will want to note that the stock is trading on a float of 8.30% with $634.24 Million sitting short, betting on future declines. That suggests something of the likelihood of a short squeeze in shares of TWTR.

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